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Medical Industry Specialist


Frontline in Infection Control Prevention

We are highly trained in infection control prevention since vast majority of our projects are within a healthcare setting. We are committed on following and maintaining proper infection control measures throughout the completion of each project. We also take COVID-19 prevention very seriously and take every precaution to stop the spread.

Team & Experience

We possess extensive experience and knowledge in healthcare and HCAI projects with over 100 years of combined experience from key personnel. 

Site Knowledge

We are familiar with procedures and existing site conditions at many of the facilities we serve. We dedicate ourselves on minimizing disruption to facilities' day to day functions from intrusive construction activities.


We self-perform large portion of our work including framing & drywall, acostical ceiling, flooring, and painting. This gives us the edge by allowing more control over budget and schedule.

Strong Client Partnerships

 Past successes with all of the projects demonstrate our commitment to work together with clients and design teams to overcome any challenge posed during construction.

What Sets us Apart

Our Services Include

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Renovation & Expansion

Repairs & Services



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